National Passport and Visa Checklist Review

When you select our service, you will be provided with a checklist according to the service you choose. Each list will contain different information. It is advised to follow the list and gather all the documents to prevent any delay in the process. We will provide your passport or visa as soon as we receive your documents.

National Passport Service is reliable since we use carriers that are fast and guarantee the documents will be delivered on time. So, if you choose 2-3 business days service and pay the required cost, we will submit your papers on the same day we received them. Our carriers will deliver them and return the new document the next business day. By moving quickly with the process, you will have your new passport the next day.

So, be mindful and get all your documents before paying for the service. Here is a general list of forms and supporting documents you must submit to get your travel document:


  1. Passport application forms
    • DS-11 (used to get a new passport)
    • DS-60 (used for a name change)
    • DS-64 (used for a lost or stolen passport)
    • DS-82 (used to renew an expired passport)
    • DS-3053 (used for absent parent/guardian)
    • DS-5504 (used for a name change)
    • DS-5525 (used under special family circumstances)
  2. Supporting documents
    • Proof of citizenship
    • Original or certified copy of birth certificate
    • Original copy of birth abroad certificate
    • One color passport size photo
    • Copy of a valid photo ID, both sides
    • Two letters of authorization


  1. A valid U.S. passport with at least six months validity
  2. A completed visa application form
  3. One color passport size photo
  4. One letter stating the type of visa you will apply for
  5. Business letter if the trip is business related
  6. Letter of authorization
  7. Money order or certified check payable to the Consulate of the country you will visit

Providing the documents for a passport or visa will get the process going without any delay. If you don’t have the papers, do not submit a request and pay for the service. You will get disappointed by not getting a passport or visa when you need it.