We value our customers and take security very seriously. So, when it comes to your documents, we make sure they are handled with care by our delivery couriers. We hope our customers use reliable delivery services when submitting their papers as well. So, when you forward your documents, use a secure delivery company like UPS or FedEx. These companies will deliver the documents overnight and provide the customer with a tracking number. It will allow easy tracking and peace of mind to know when your documents were delivered.

National Passport Services also use these companies to forward your documents to the passport or visa processing center. We also use them to deliver your documents to you. So, by using a reliable delivery company, we have never had a passport or visa document lost or stolen. When you are providing your documents by mail, please give an address where you will be present to receive your or someone you designated to do so. This will prevent you from not getting your passport or visa on time.