File Search Letter

If you already had a passport and it was lost or stolen, you can request a file search. You may also request for a file search letter from The State Department if you cannot provide a birth certificate, original naturalization certificate, or an expired passport if you had one before to show proof of citizenship. The file search will cost $150.00.  One disadvantage of a file search is a file may not be found, and the money is nonrefundable.

How Request a File Search Form

You can download the form, click here, and complete it. Print it, and then you can mail it into the State Department. Here is a template of the form.


United States Department of State

Passport Services


Last Name: _____________________________________________________

First and Middle Name(s): __________________________________________

Date and Place of Birth: ____________________________________________

Select the Document for which you are Submitting This Request

  Passport Book         Passport Card              Consulate Report of Birth Abroad  

            Name as Listed in Document: ____________________________________

            Date of Issue: ________________________________________________

            Date of Expiration: ____________________________________________

            Passport Number: _____________________________________________

Endorsement(s): __________________________________________________


I hereby request Passport Services to initiate a file search to verify that I have been issued a U.S. Passport or that a Consular Report of Birth Abroad was filed for me. I agree to pay the application fee for this service. I understand that this service is performed solely for the issuance of a passport under urgent circumstances and will not receive a copy of my previous passport or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.


                                   Signature:                                                                                        Date: