There are many ways to obtain a passport. Similarly, there are many locations available to submit your application. So, for that reason and many more a passport cost varies. The lowest price to get a passport takes the longest to process the application. Likewise, the highest price you will pay for a passport is same day service. Whichever choice you make to get a new passport, you must provide a standard set of documents.

A passport cost is affected by two significant reasons. The first is if the applicant is a minor or an adult and the next is the processing option.

This article will give you an understanding of the different acceptance facilities and your passport cost. Keep in mind that you will pay more if you are in a rush to get a new passport.

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U.S. Passport Fees

 Passport Type  Standard Fee  Execution Fee  Passport Cost
 Adult Passport  $110.00  $35.00  $145.00
 Child Passport  $80.00  $35.00  $115.00
 Passport Renewal  $110.00  $0.00  $110.00
 Replacement Passport
(lost, stolen, damaged)
 $110.00  $35.00  $145.00
 Adult Passport Card  $30.00  $35.00  $65.00
 Child Passport Cart  $15.00  $35.00  $50.00
 Second Passport  $110.00  $0.00  $110.00

Passport Fees Breakdown

The cost of an adult passport is the same. Regardless if you are a first-time applicant, renewing, or replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport. The application fee is $110.00.  For a child passport, the application fee is $80.00.

The execution fee is the same for both an adult and a child passport application. This fee is paid to any acceptance agent when the application is being submitted. There are only two circumstances when you do not pay an execution fee. If you are renewing an expired passport, there is no execution fee to pay. The next is if you are applying for a second passport while your current passport is still valid.   

The application fee for an adult passport card is $30.00, and the execution fee is the same as a passport. A minor passport card application fee is $15.00, and the execution fee is the same as a passport.

Expedited Passport Services

At the post office, expedited service will decrease the processing time. You will now get a passport in 2 to 3 weeks. The post office expedited fee is $60.00. So, the cost of a passport, if expedited service is used, will include the application fee, execution fee, and the expedited fee.

The cost of getting a passport is determined by the type of processing selected. Routine processing is the cheaper in comparison to the other services available. The most expensive is the same day processing. Same day processing is done at a private expeditor office or a regional passport agency office.