Lost Passport Instructions

If you find yourself in this predicament, there is always help to get you a new passport. National Passport Service has compiled the steps you must take to expedite your lost passport. The process below requires you gather all your documents first to prevent any delay in getting your travel document. If you are unable to get a document, let your agent or representative know so we can help to obtain it. Getting your passport is our priority. Also, getting it on time is most important. So, follow the steps below to get the process going.

Step 1: Complete DS-11 application – CLICK HERE

  • The application must be typewritten
  • Must have two copies printed of pages 5 & 6
  • DO NOT SIGN DS-11 APP until you are in front of an acceptance agent

 How to print DS-11 application:

Once at the payment and fees page, please select if you wish to have a passport book, passport card or both. Choose then expedited at the agency, and standard delivery HIT NEXT. Once you see the CREATE FORM BUTTON you will click the terms and agreements and select CREATE FORM; your DS-11 application will download on your computer screen in PDF FORM – please print two copies of pages 5 and 6 and DO NOT SIGN!

*We do offer complimentary document preparation to help type your application and compile all documents. If this is something you are interested in, please email support@stage8media.com for help!

Complete DS-64 application – CLICK HERE

( it can be handwritten – BLACK INK ONLY)

Step 2: Compile ALL documents

  • Letter of Authorization – ATTACHED
  • PPV LOA.pdf You will need two copies of this document. BLACK INK ONLY
  • Proof of Citizenship – your original/certified copy birth certificate or original naturalization certificate
  • Proof of Identity – you must supply a front and back copy of your valid driver’s license
  • Proof of Travel – You must provide two copies of proof of travel, travel itinerary stating that you are leaving the country in 14 days or sooner
  • Passport Photos – 2×2 photos done at CVS/Walgreens/acceptance agent

Step 3: Government fees

  • Please note that the Government fees are an additional charge when expediting. You must supply a personal check/ money order made out to The US Department of State for $170.00 ( passport book fee) and an acceptance agent fee of $35.00
  • In the memo line, please put applicants date of birth along with the applicant’s full name

Step 4: Adjudication

  • Once you have compiled all the documents above you will visit your nearest acceptance facility. The acceptance agent will witness you signing your DS-11 application and seal all documents in an adjudicated envelope and hand the envelope back to you. From there you will take your adjudicated envelope along with the additional copies of your DS-11 APP, Letter of Authorization & Proof of travel and put everything together in one FedEx/UPS envelope and overnight to the address below:


Passport Plus Visas

20 E. 49th St, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10017