New Passport (Form DS-11)

The new passport form, DS-11, is used by anyone who is applying for the first time. An individual also uses it with an expired passport older than 15 years. So, an adult or a minor will use the DS-11 to get a passport only if they are a U.S. citizen.

An Adult or Minor Completing Form DS-11

The form is available online, click here, and it can be filled out then print. If you choose to complete it online, download it and save it to your desktop. You could access it at another time if you did not finish it after downloading. Do not sign the form unless you are in front of an acceptance agent. You can also print the form after downloading. If this is your choice, you must use a black ink pen when completing it. Write clearly and fill every box on it where appropriate.

When you begin to complete Form DS-11, on page 1, check the box next to U.S. Passport Book if you are applying for a book. You also have the options to select a U.S. Passport Card or both. Next, provide your personal information like your first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, contact number, and mailing address. If you got married and changed your name, write your previous name.

On page 2, you must provide your parental information, your marital status, additional contact information, occupation, biometrics, travel plans, permanent address, and an emergency contact. If you had a passport before, you must provide this information along with the current passport status.

If the passport is for a minor, most of the information given will pertain to the child; except, when asked about the parent. Also, if the child is a student, then that information must be provided. A parent can sign in front of an acceptance agent on behalf of the child when a signature required.

Submitting Form DS-11

Submit Form DS-11 with supporting documents and fee to an acceptance agent. You can also provide these documents to a private expeditor or regional agency to submit them on your behalf. You can now wait for your new passport to travel abroad.

Passport Renewal (Form DS-82)

For a passport renewal, Form DS-82 is required. There are many reasons to apply for a passport renewal; regardless of your choice, there are procedures to be followed. The first is to determine if you are eligible to use Form DS-82. To find out, download it, click here, and look at the first page. In bold you will see “CAN I USE THIS FORM?” and below that complete the checklist to determine your eligibility. If you answer NO to any of the statements, you cannot use Form DS-82. If all your answers were yes, you have the right form and can proceed.

Completing Form DS-82 for Passport Renewal

You can complete Form DS-82 online, click here, or manually write in your information. If you choose to write your information, only black ink is accepted. Also, you can mail in your application so you must sign and date it after completing it.

Now, here are the steps to complete the form. On page 1, check one of three boxes to get a passport book, card, or both. Next, you must provide your first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, primary contact number, and mailing address. Since you are renewing your passport, you must provide your previous passport information and name change if necessary.

On page 2, provide your full name and date of birth, biometrics, additional contact information, permanent address, emergency contact, and travel plans if you are traveling soon. Once you provide all the information, you have completed the Form DS-82.

Submitting Form DS-82

A passport renewal application can be sent in different ways. If you are not in a rush, you can visit an acceptance facility and submit your documents. You can also mail in your application since it is not your first passport. Also, you can have a private expeditor or regional agency submit your documents on your behalf. Whichever option you choose, pay the fees, and soon you will have your new passport to travel abroad.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport (Form DS-64)

Immediately after you realized your passport is lost or stolen, report it to The State Department. To do so, you must complete Form DS-64, click here, to provide all the necessary information The State Department will need to prevent anyone from stealing your identity. This form is the first step to re-apply for another passport. You must submit Form DS-11 along with a DS-64 Form to get a new passport.

Completing Form DS-64

You must complete this form by using a black ink pen only. Start by selecting whether it was your passport book or card that was lost or stolen. You must choose just one. In the first part, you must provide your first and last name, your sex, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, current address, and telephone number.

The second part asks that you choose which document was you are reporting lost or stolen, explain how and when it happened by giving detail information. You must also write your passport or card number and the date it was issued

The third part is to sign and date the application. By signing, you are declaring that you are providing as accurate and truthful information about your lost or stolen passport. Once you report it lost or stolen, and you get it back, it becomes invalid and cannot be used to travel. If the application is for a minor, a parent or guardian can sign it.

Submitting Form DS-64

To get a new passport if your current passport is lost or stolen, complete entirely then submit Form DS-64 and Form DS-11 along with the appropriate fee. You can mail in your documents or use a private expeditor or regional agency to send your documents on your behalf. If you mail it, you will get it in 4 to 8 weeks. By choosing expedited service, you will have it in 2 to 3 weeks.

Child Passport (Form DS-3053)

When applying for a minor passport, both parents or legal guardians must be present at the time the application gets accepted. If for any reason one parent or legal guardian is not present, then Form DS-3053 must be completed by the absent parent or guardian. You can download the form, click here, and then print it. A black ink pen is required to complete the form. Any other color ink will lead to a rejection.

Completing Form DS-3053

Keep in mind the absent parent must complete this form along with a Notary. The first part of the form includes the minor’s full name, date of birth, the document applying for, and the statement of consent. You should not sign the form until you are in front of a notary. The notary does the next part. Once this section is done, both parties must sign and date the form. Now Form DS-3053 is ready for submission.

Submitting Form DS-3053

To get a minor passport, submit Form DS-3053, DS-11, and all the supporting documents to an acceptance agent. By doing so, you will get the passport in 4 to 8 weeks. For a quicker reception, hire a private expeditor or visit a regional agency to submit the documents on your behalf.

Passport Name Change (Form DS-5504)

Getting a new passport because you change your name is not as difficult as it may seem. All you must do is complete Form DS-5504, click here, and submit it with the supporting evidence of your name change. To use this form make sure it is for a name change within one year because of marriage, divorce, or adoption and not for a misspelled name on your passport. Also, you must provide legal evidence of your name change before you can get a new passport.  

Completing Form DS-5504

Complete Form DS-5504 with a black ink pen. Start by selecting which document you will need.  Next, print your first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, primary contact number, mailing address and U.S. Passport Book or Card information. On the next page, your biometrics, occupation, additional contact numbers, permanent address, emergency contact information, and travel plans if you are going away soon. You are finished with the form when you provide information about your current passport.

Submitting Form DS-5504

To get a new passport with your name change, send your completed form, supporting name change document, current passport, and fee. You can submit your materials by mail which will take 4 to 8 weeks before you get it in the mail. If you are press for time, hire a private expeditor or go to a regional passport agency. They can have a passport in 24 to 48 hours.