A passport book is a document used for identification purposes when traveling abroad. It is accepted at all border crossings, regardless if you will travel by land, air, or sea. You can apply for a passport book for a minor or an adult. Passport validity will vary for an adult or a minor. Also, the cost will be different for a minor and an adult. One reason for the difference in cost is the length of time each passport book is valid.

How Long is an Adult Passport Book Valid?

Anyone 16 years and over can apply for an adult passport book. An adult passport book is valid for ten years every time you apply for one. However, there is a temporary passport issued for special circumstances that are valid for only two years.

If you lost your passport or it was stolen while on a trip, the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will issue a temporary passport book so you can travel back home. Once you are home, you can apply for a replacement passport.

The cost for an adult passport book differs for a first-time applicant and a passport renewal. You will submit fewer documents for a renewal when compared to applying for the first time.

How Long is a Child Passport Valid?

A child or minor is anyone 15 years and younger. Regardless of the child’s age, a passport book is necessary for traveling abroad. A minor passport book is valid for five years. Unlike an adult passport, you cannot renew a minor passport. When the passport expires, you must reapply for a new passport again.

Since the application process can take 4-6 weeks, you can apply for an adult passport if the minor 16th birthday is within the process time. The passport will be valid for a longer time as an adult than it is for a minor.

Passport Book Renewal

Only and adult can renew a passport book and not a child. If the child is still under 15 years at the time his or her passport expires, the parents or guardians must apply for a new passport. The cost for the new passport will not change unlike an adult reapplying to renew an expired passport.

When you apply for an adult passport book, it will be valid for ten years. A little passport book is valid for 5 years. The passport validity will remain the same when you apply for a passport. The only thing changes is the adult passport renewal cost. It will be less because the execution fee is exempt.