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How to Expedite a Passport Card

Before you apply for a passport card, know where you can travel with it and don’t make any assumptions. You can use a passport card when traveling to Mexico and Canada by road and the Caribbean by ship. You cannot use a passport card to go to any other country. If you plan to travel to another country other than what was mention before, you will need a passport book.

How to get a Passport Card

Like a passport book, you must complete Form DS-11but select passport card option instead. You must submit your supporting documents with the form to complete the application package. Here are the requirements to get a passport card:

  • Form DS-11
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Passport Photo
  • Pay fee (Adult: $30.00, Child: $15.00) Plus execution fee ($35.00)

Once you have gathered all your documents and completed the form, now you can deliver them to an acceptance agent. It could be at the post office, the county clerk’s office or a public library. If you choose one of these sites and routine processing, you will have your passport in 4 to 8 weeks. Expedited services, at any of these locations, will get you a passport in 2 to 3 weeks and cost an additional $60.00.

However, to expedite a passport card to have it in at least 24 hours, speak with one of our agents to assist you. You can get your passport card in no time and be ready for your Mexico trip or your cruise to the Caribbean.

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