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Replacing an expired, lost or stolen passport is not as challenging but can become so if you do not follow the proper procedures. So, for a passport replacement, there are different options to process with the process. If you are not in a rush for your new passport, you can choose any acceptance facilities in your neighborhood. However, if you must travel soon then select a facility that will get it quickly.

Places to go for a Passport Replacement

Local Acceptance Facilities

For applicants who want to replace their passport and have it available for future vacation trips, can visit a post office, county clerk’s office, courthouse, and public libraries to submit a passport application. Any of these sites offer the same choices to process your request. To get approval for either, you must submit a DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82 Form, along with supporting documents, and the application fee. Once you provide all the necessary materials, you will have the processing options.

At the locations mention before, routine processing is the most common selection. With it, the application takes 4 to 8 weeks before you get a new passport in the mail. The other, expedited processing, takes 2 to 3 weeks but cost an additional fee. Also, for the second choice, you must show proof of travel that must be sooner than four weeks.

Regional Passport Agency

There is an option to get a passport in case of emergencies or a sudden need to travel abroad. To get a passport in such a rush will cost more. Also, additional documents are required to show proof that the demand does exist. So to get a passport sooner than two weeks, you can go to a regional passport agency and provide all the documents.

A regional passport agency requires you to submit all the papers in person. To do so, you must schedule a meeting by calling the National Passport Information Center. It will give you a date and time you must abide by or else you will lose your chance of getting a new passport. The agency’s office is in a Federal Building, so do not carry any other things but your documents. All applicants applying must be present at the meeting; otherwise, a passport will not be issued.

Private Expeditor

A private expeditor offers the same service as a regional passport agency but operates a little differently. For example, an appointment is not necessary to get a passport. If you select an expeditor, you can mail your documents and fees by overnight mail.  When receiving the new passport, the same can be done by having it overnight delivery back to you.

Documents to Submit

Since the regional passport agency and the expeditor offer the same service, they both need the same documents to complete the application. Here is a list of these papers to submit:

  1. Passport Application
  2. Supporting documents
  3. Proof of travel abroad
  4. Two letters of authorization (expeditor only)
  5. Company letter (business trip only)
  6. Emergency proof (emergency trip only)
  7. Pay cost (covers passport fee and service fee)

All the necessary documents must be given at once to either servicer to get a passport. If any is missing, it can delay the process and hinder your travel plan. It is best to gather them all before applying.

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