Proof of Identification

A passport application form is not the only document necessary to get a passport. Other supporting documents are used as proof of identification. These documents will help to provide personal information about the applicant. In case of a minor’s passport, the proof of identification is obtained from the parents or legal guardians. So, here is a list of documents that must be sent with the application.


Birth Certificate: A birth certificate will provide the date, place, and place of birth. This document is used for a minor or a first-time applicant.


Consular Report of Birth Abroad: This document is used by a U.S. citizen born in a country other than the U.S. It contains the same information as a birth certificate.


Naturalization Certificate: This certificate is given to anyone who becomes a naturalized citizen.


Certificate of Citizen: A certificate of Citizen will provide proof of your family which includes your parents’ history.  You can request this document if you do not have any other documents as proof of identification.


Driver’s license: A copy of the parents or legal guardian driver’s license is used when the application is for a minor. An adult applying can also use a copy of their license as proof of identity.


State Issued ID card: A copy of a State-issued ID card is an option if the applicant does not have a driver’s license. The same goes for a parent or guardian.


If you realize all the required documents have a photo on them, so it makes it easy to compare them with the passport photo submitted. So, if you don’t provide these documents along with the passport application, you will not get your passport.