National Passport and Visa Service Refund Policy


  1. Refunds for Service Fees will be approved only under some circumstances. For example, if your trip has been canceled because of illness or cancellation by the airlines, cruise ship carrier, country of destination embroiled in civil unrest, then you can contact National Passport Service at within 24-hours of our receipt of your paperwork. Once your request is justified, your refund will be issued directly to your credit card carrier minus the nonrefundable $35.00 earned mandatory handling and return service fee. You will receive a refund of the total service fee paid, minus the nonrefundable $35.00 mandatory handling and return service fee.
  2. Refunds for service fees after 72 hours: If all the documents are received after this time, there will be no refund. National Passport Service processes an application within 48 hours of receiving it.
  3. Refunds for Same Day, 24 hours, and Next Day Service: If you cancel within 24 hours of placing an order, you may request a refund but will be charged a $65.00 non-refundable fee for handling and return service fee.
  4. National Passport Service reserves the right to refuse to process any refund once our office has received the documents for processing under extenuating circumstances, usually when the client has requested an assured reserved position in our queue for a specific date and time.
  5. Refund Requests: Can take up to one complete credit cycle to appear back on your credit card on file.
  6. If you have ordered your Passport/Visa through National Passport Service and would like to request that we do not complete your transaction, then all requests must be communicated through our completed Order Cancellation Request Form. We will resolve your request before any dispute should be initiated. Please contact us for potential resolution and request to review the National Passport Service cancellation policy.