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Saudi Arabia Visa Instructions


Our swift process for obtaining travel visas makes us the fastest Saudi Arabia business visa procurement provider! Our team of visa experts is ready to provide you with stellar customer service to suit your international travel needs.

If you’re applying for a Saudi Arabia business visa, the requirements you must meet for the application can be stringent and confusing. We help you to navigate this process without headaches or hassles. You have the benefit of our many years of Saudi Arabia business visa experience behind you so that you know you’ll have everything in order when you apply and you can be sure you’ll not have any unnecessary time spent on mistakes or application denials.

We provide the guidance and experience necessary to help you get your paperwork done in a jiffy! Typically, a Saudi Arabia business visa can take over a month for application and processing. We’re able to get your business visa for Saudi Arabia in as few as three (3) business days! Call us and tell us what you need — we can help!

Even if you’re not a citizen of the United States, we can still assist you in acquiring a Saudi Arabia business visa. As long as you have a passport in good standing from your home country and you’re not in the United States illegally, or on a tourist visa, we can help you expedite your visa!

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Requirements


Here are the requirements for a Saudi Arabian Business Visa. If all requires are not fulfill, you may not get a business visa. You must start by getting:

  •   One (1) valid, signed U.S. passport with at least six (6) months validity remaining
  •   One (1) visa application form, fully completed and signed
  •   One (1) passport-type photograph
  •   One (1) invitation approved by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The approval should be telexed to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. and a notification sent to the applicant.
  •   One (1) business letter of introduction and financial responsibility, typewritten on company letterhead and signed by a company officer, and addressed to Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Visa Section, Washington D.C., which details:
    •       The nature of the business to be performed
    •      The name of the business reference you plan to visit
    •       Guarantee of sufficient financial support for the visit
    •      Guarantee of return transportation to the USA
    •       Must be signed by a company officer other than the applicant

Consular Fees

  •         $138.00 – U.S. citizen single entry or multiple entries
  •         $54.00 – Non-U.S. citizen single entry
  •         $135.00 – Non-U.S. citizen multiple entries
  •         $10.50 – Electronic Visa transaction fee for each visa processed

Saudi Arabia Business Visa Fees


 Entry  Validity  Processing Time  Embassy Fee
 Single  3 Months  3-4 Business Days  $100.00
 Single  6 Months  3-4 Business Days  $180.00



(Q) How should I arrange for an invitation to Saudi Arabia?

(A) Your sponsor/host company in Saudi Arabia must arrange an invitation. The invitation requires approval by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The approval documentation must be telexed to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C.

(Q) Once I have the approval to enter Saudi Arabia, how do I complete the necessary travel documentation for entry into the country?

(A) Once you have permission for your invitation to Saudi Arabia, your business visa will be issued to match the approval.

(Q) What should I do if I need to enter Saudi Arabia multiple times?

(A) When you have your approval, it will state single or multiple entries. If multiple entries are required, you must request multiple entry visas.

(Q) How long will my Saudi Arabia Visa remain valid?

(A) The Saudi Arabia business visa is usually issued for single or multiple entries within 90-1,800 days (5 years), for a period of stay not exceeding 30-90 days. The validity and length of stay are generally based on the invitation letter from the host company in Saudi Arabia.

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