How to Expedite a Second Passport

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How to Expedite a Second Passport

If you are a frequent traveler, you will know that your passport will run out of pages to stamp on quickly. The only way to have more pages so that an immigration officer can stamp is to get another passport. In the past, the State Department allowed a passport holder to add more pages in a passport, but this option does not exist anymore. Now, you must apply for another passport, and if you need it quickly, this article will let you know how to expedite the second passport.

Steps to Expedite a Second Passport

Getting another passport requires some of the same information you will provide when getting a new passport. The good thing about applying for another passport if you don’t need to go to an acceptance agency in person. So, here are the steps to take:

  • Complete Form DS-82: You can complete this form online and print it.
  • Passport Photo: Include two recent passport photographs.
  • Submit your recent passport: You must submit your current passport which will return to you.
  • Include two letters of authorization: If you are using an expeditor, include two letters of authorization for them to act on your behalf.
  • Proof of travel: Include proof of the departure date like a flight itinerary.
  • Signed explanation letter: You must submit a signed letter explaining why you need a second passport.

Reasons to Get a Second Passport

There are many valid reasons why a second passport is necessary. Here some of the reasons to have a second passport:

  • If your current passport is unavailable at the moment and you must travel soon
  • Your current passport does not have enough pages
  • Your current passport is tied up at a consulate due to a prolong visa process
  • You are denied entry to another country due to political reasons (Some countries will not let you enter if you have an Israeli visa stamped in your passport)

Getting a second passport is beneficial for many excellent reasons, but it can have its downside as well. For example, a second passport is only valid for two years. A second passport cannot replace a lost or stolen passport. Also, a second passport cannot be renewed. When your second passport expires, you must reapply for a second passport again.

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