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Tanzania Visa Instructions


National Passport Service can help you get your Tanzania travel documentation for tourism or business quickly! Our experts are delighted to chat with you about your tourism and business visa needs. We offer guidance and assistance for your tourist visa or business visa questions so that you can get instant approval for your trip to Tanzania!

Our experienced team can get you your Tanzanian Visa for tourism or business travel fast. We’re aware that sometimes you’ll need a fast turnaround on travel visa procurement for last minute trips. If you need our help at the last minute to get a quick turnaround on your visa application, let us know — we process travel documents in a fraction of the usual processing time!

Please be advised when applying for a Tanzania tourism visa that the visa for U.S. citizens will be for multiple entries for one (1) year from the issue date as long as your passport is still valid. The period of stay is no longer than thirty (30) days once the visa is activated. Although you will not need to present your vaccination certification to have your visa issued, please be advised that you should check with a physician to make sure you have had the necessary vaccinations for travel into Tanzania.

To qualify for the issuance of a Tanzania Visa, your U.S. passport must have at least six (6) months time remaining and will need to have at least one blank visa page. Please inquire about the particular requirements for U.S. officials and diplomats.

Foreign nationals not traveling on a U.S. tourist visa in the United States legally on a valid foreign passport can still receive help from National Passport Service to obtain travel documentation for trips to Tanzania — let us know your requirements, and we can help!

Tanzania Tourist Visa Requirements


  •         One (1) valid, signed U.S. passport with at least six (6) months validity remaining
  •         One (1) online visa application form, fully completed and signed
  •         Two (2) passport-type photographs
  •         One (1) letter from tour operator confirming full payment has been received if traveling with a tour group. One (1) copy of round-trip airline tickets or itinerary and copy of bank statement showing a minimum of USD$2,000.00 funds available if traveling independently.

Tanzania Tourist Visa Fee


 Entries  Validity  Processing Time  Embassy Fee
 Multiple  1 Year  Variable  $100.00


Tanzania Business Visa Requirements


  •         One (1) valid, signed U.S. passport with at least six (6) months validity remaining
  •         One (1) online visa application form, fully completed and signed
  •         Two (2) passport-type photographs
  •         One (1) business letter of introduction and financial responsibility, typewritten on company letterhead and signed by a company officer, and addressed to Embassy of Tanzania, Visa Section, which details:

              o Purpose of the visit

              o Business reference to be visited in Tanzania

              o A statement requesting visa validity required (i.e., six months, one year, five years  or 10 years; should match application question 25)

              o Company guarantee of financial responsibility for the applicant and their return transportation to the United States

Tanzania Business Visa Fee


 Entries  Validity  Processing Time  Embassy Fee
 Multiple  1 Year  Variable  $100.00



(Q) Am I required to have a tourist visa in order to visit Tanzania?

(A) All U.S. citizens require a valid U.S. passport and a Tanzanian Visa to visit Tanzania.

(Q) How long will my Tanzania tourist visa remain valid?

(A) Tanzania tourism visas are valid for ninety (90) days from the date of issue.

(Q) What should I do if I require multiple entries into Tanzania on my tourist visa?

(A) Multiple entry visas for Tanzania are only issued for business travelers. Please be advised that double entry for tourists can only be issued for Tanzania when traveling from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda or Kenya, and only during the visa’s period of validity.

(Q) If I require a business visa for entry into Tanzania what are my options?

(A) Business visas are issued for travel to Tanzania for periods of three (3) months (single entry), six (6) months (multiple entries) or twelve (12) months (multiple entries).

(Q) How long do I have to activate my Tanzania Visa past the date of issue?

(A) You must activate your Tanzania Visa within 90 days of issue date.


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